Our implementation & service methodology

AAA+ Care Methodology

Growire embraces the philosophy that we engage in a long-term partnership with our Customers. This partnership is based on trust. And trust is something you earn. You earn it by delivering results. You earn it by running the extra mile if necessary.

To obtain that goal, to streamline the delivery of projects, Growire has created a delivery methodology, called AAA+ Care. When creating this methodology, we based ourselves partially on best practices as defined in PMI and Prince 2, partially on our own experiences. Our AAA+ Care Methodology tailored to the diversity of projects guarantees a successful implementation to our Customers.


Customer satisfaction is based on the quality perceived by a Customer exceeds the expected quality. To guarantee Customer satisfaction, we adhere to some basic principles.

  • We go the extra mile. Our commitment to deliver and our fundamental aim for quality are intrinsic values, deeply incorporated in our company’s DNA.
  • We advocate honest and integer communication. ICT Projects can be complicated and unexpected issues might come up. As a result, it is impossible to foresee or plan every eventuality, projects will show unforeseen peaks of activity. By being open and honest we build trust between ourselves and our Customer.
  • We set clear expectations and roles & responsibilities.We believe that each successful project requires mutual collaboration both within the team and with the Customer and we’ll involve all stakeholders at multiple moments in the project lifecycle.
  • We guard the balance between scope, quality, budget and time. We guarantee both our Customers and our people that projects are planned adequately and correctly. As a result, there is not only time for action, but also for reflection. We do this as proactively as possible, so we can take corrective measures when deviations would occur.