We identify and understand our Customer needs and assess the Customer’s current situation (infrastructure, suppliers, spending, …). We deliver an as-is assessment report that summarizes the findings and define WHY the project should be done.

How It Works

Every assessment begins with a thorough analysis of an organization’s existing situation. In many cases, this situation has grown organically.

Though there may have been set policies and procedures at one time, they may have been modified by employees until they are indistinguishable from their original forms. Employees tend to go with “what works” rather than what is defined.

Our assessment will locate these areas and mark them for further improvement. A complete assessment will include all of the processes and applications of the organization from top to bottom.

This is the part where you as a Customer do most of the talking.


One of the main benefits of the assessment stage is that a clear picture is painted about how things are going for the moment. Ways of working are examined, tools are reviewed, results are questioned.

This can be eye-opening and even very confronting for the people involved. Don’t take it personal, things are going to get better from here on.